The Beauty of Dutchtown, 93: Meramec Street Between Oregon and California Avenues, North Side 

The next block is new, heading east on Meramec Street east of Oregon Avenue. We’re first confronted with a desecration of the street wall in this convenience store, which was originally a national chain, but as so often happens, has devolved into a one-off.

Following that, there are more storefronts, the one on the left modified with wood paneling, while the one on the right painted with yellow and green, retaining its large glass windows.

Then comes this old Greek Revival survivor, which might be one of the first houses built out this way, when it was still a largely rural area of the St. Louis Commons.

But then it’s back to more storefronts, and I’m actually surprised at how many commercial properties there are at this end of Meramec. It’s largely dried up business-wise, though. Then after that is California Avenue.

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