The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 48: Virginia Avenue Between Keokuk and Chippewa Streets

Update: We pick back up with Number 49 in the series here.

The last block of Virginia Avenue in Dutchtown, between Keokuk and Chippewa streets, has houses that perhaps look more like the building stock in neighboring Gravois Park, just to the north.

The buildings with a side entry, with four windows, two up, two down, are very common in this area.

On the east side of Virginia, we see more of the oldest types of houses in the neighborhood, this Greek Revival home that probably dates back to the 1860s or 70s.

There is a mixture of interesting houses, and more than a few that have received some fascinating renovations over the years, such as the house below on the left, which originally probably looked like the house on the right.

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