The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 47: Virginia Avenue Between Osage and Keokuk Streets

Virginia in between Osage and Keokuk, just north of Marquette Park is another quiet block due to it being one way southbound, and then Osage is one way to the west and east, so again there is little reason for anyone to drive down this street unless they live here. The houses are smaller, with the typical tract houses featuring different front facades to create visual interest.

There are also later apartment buildings from the 1920s or so, with pediments that foreshadow late 20th and early 21st Century suburban homes.

And most importantly, we see a departure from red brick on the front facades of houses, as we can see in many of these buildings, but perhaps best illustrated below.

Turning around at Keokuk, we see an abandoned service station, which once dotted dozens of intersections in this neighborhood. The automobile was already about to come into widespread use when much of Dutchtown was built.

I have to say that even the gas stations have some panache, and there have been some nice adaptive reuse of these buildings throughout the city.

The rest of the block has your standard housing stock, with some of your standard “repairs” seen throughout Dutchtown, like the blocked-in porch door and roof.

There is this house that sticks out in the rows of brick house with its almost Tudor Revival or Arts and Crafts influences.

Finally, there is more density in this apartment building, which like many in St. Louis is really a series of four-family flats built contiguously to each other.

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