The Beauty of Dutchtown, Part 9: Nebraska Avenue Between Gasconade and Osage Streets

Gasconade Street has some beautiful houses on it, including that well-preserved Second Empire duplex, and an extremely old wood frame house to the left of it. But we will continue up Nebraska Avenue, where a nice two-story Second Empire house with a dormer and new privacy fence appears below.

Next door, another Second Empire house is looking good, with its fish-scale slate roof still preserved, but interestingly its dormer has asphalt shingles. Perhaps it was damaged by the weather.

But then, wow, two of the coolest houses in Dutchtown appear, with their incredibly unique cut-stone front facades and preserved Mansard slate roof on the southern one.

Update: The house below was gutted by fire around September of 2022. The cause of the fire and whether it or the house to the north caught fire first is unknown.

But looking closely, if they were ever single family houses, they were later converted into apartments. There has to be a story behind these two houses right next to each other. Sadly, they are both abandoned.

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