The Intersection of St. Louis and Marcus Avenues, July 2022

Update: I revisited the area in the winter of 2023.

I decided to check in on the corner of Marcus and St. Louis Avenues, which I first looked at way back in August of 2009. You can actually see the building above in the last photo of that post, and the trim was painted white at the time, and the building on the left had a cool 1960s era concrete block screen which has since been removed. They both site empty, and an apartment building to the west down St. Louis Avenue is now demolished (seen in the first photo). You can see a little better in this post from March of 2012 after a rehab had started, but it clearly never finished. In December of 2018 the paint scheme had changed but the buildings were still vacant.

That was the northwest corner; the northeast corner is above. It was a church, but it is now clearly abandoned, too, I presume, judging by the plywood on the windows. The building below, further east on St. Louis Avenue and painted a vibrant blue, might still have an active hair salon in the left storefront, but I am not sure.

I know for a fact that I went inside the corner store in the building on the southwest corner, but that building is now empty, as well. The east front of this building has almost certainly been relaid.

I feel like this building south on Marcus on the west side of the street was once a different color, and I think there was a mural on one of these buildings.

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