The Ville

Update: Text of commentary edited in July of 2022. The building above has been demolished. See the corner of St. Louis Avenue and Marcus in July of 2022. Technically the buildings on the north side of St. Louis Avenue are in the Greater Ville neighborhood. I revisited the area again in the winter of 2023.

The Ville is one of the more interesting neighborhoods in North St. Louis, in my opinion.

I would be curious to know what caused the fire in this house, which sits among a row of occupied buildings.

Update: The corner store below closed after this photograph was taken. It has now been renovated.

This corner features several beautiful and functional businesses, on a corner of St. Louis Avenue that still has all four of its corner stores–a rarity in St. Louis, sadly.

Finally, at this corner is a fantastic building with a 1950’s or 60’s cement block wall in front. The corner bustled with life on a sultry Saturday afternoon, with people coming and going from the well-kept and stocked corner store nearby.

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