St. Louis Avenue, Kingshighway to Cora

I’ve long documented St. Louis Avenue between N. Florissant and Parnell, and from Parnell to Grand, so now I will take a closer look at the secondary artery cobbled together from a series of streets that stretches the length of the Northside.

East of Kingshighway, we move into the Greater Ville and Ville neighborhoods, which show greater amounts of disinvestment. The buildings along St. Louis Avenue are beautiful, but many are vacant.

But just as many are well-maintained, occupied and look beautiful, with some nice 1960s accoutrements on their windows.

Sadly, this interesting composition of storefronts has continued to deteriorate. I feel like the one on the right was once occupied in my recent memory.

Then there’s this cool house which is an interesting mix of picture window and second story.

But when we reach Cora Avenue, it begins to look desolate.

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