The Romanesque Revival Row, St. Paul, Minnesota

We came across this amazing row of seven houses at the southwest corner of Laurel Avenue and Nina Street just north of Summit Avenue.

A perfect example of how the Romanesque Revival can be applied to a rowhouse design, they are still in amazing condition, complete with red brick and pink granite detailing.

Looking at the buildings from above, there are skylights, which most likely light grand interior staircases, like you would see on the East Coast in Washington, DC or Baltimore.

The rosette patterns which you can see in between the arches, are something that I saw in Bologna at the Church of Santo Stefano.

The massive arches springing from the columns are perhaps my favorite element of this building, besides the turret on the corner.

Derived by Medieval sculptors out of a misunderstanding of the Corinthian Order from the ancient world, you can see the flourishing leaves on the capital below with the faces on the corners.

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