The West End, Early Summer 2023

The West End neighborhood is one of my favorite parts of the city, and I recently went back to explore some more. I discovered that while many streets are seeing revitalization, there are others just east of the border with St. Louis County that are struggling with abandonment.

These houses are off of streets such as Etzel and Suburban avenues. I was happy to see that the Hodiamont House is no longer abandoned.

The area experienced massive demolition in the mid Twentieth Century when it was targeted for urban renewal, only a generation or two after it was developed. I did see this cool house below with interesting glass block windows in its entryway and some very large dormers.

Much of that clear-cutting that occurred allowed for the construction of vast swaths of new housing, which is still in relatively good shape.

I passed by the Concrete Block Historic District and proceeded up Hamilton Avenue, passing by some beautiful, well-preserved houses such as the ones you see below.

One of my pet peeves is putting in windows that are too small for their openings.

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  1. ME says:

    I agree with your last statement, along with putting window AC’s in the front windows when there’s an option for side windows. Even if it’s in the next room back. The air will circulate, I promise!

    I can imagine what that last picture must have looked like originally probably with french doors at the false balconies, etc. 4-family flats can be so similar yet so unique at the same time. Thx for the opportunity for seeing many areas we normally wouldn’t come across!

  2. Beverly Snider says:

    1962 , attended Blessed Sacrament grade school, and Sunday Mass. Class mates lived on Northlawn, Maffitt Place, Terry Ave.,

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