Hamilton Heights, Early Summer 2023

We dive into the Hamilton Heights neighborhood at the corner of Hamilton and Minerva avenues, where on the northwestern corner “New” St. Augustine’s stands.

I next headed east on Minerva down the hill, where there is that extraordinary row of four-family apartment buildings. I’ve documented them before in January of 2015, September of 2019 and finally in November of 2020. Hempstead Elementary is right across the street, languishing after its fire many years ago.

Much of the rest of the neighborhood is quiet, with abandonment.

Wells Avenue runs one street to the south parallel to MLK.

I reached the intersection of Wells and Goodfellow, which drives me crazy is not actually in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood!

It’s relatively narrow through here before becoming a much wider traffic artery to the north of MLK. Abandonment pervades the street.

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