Thirteenth Street Between Barton and Victor Streets

This post was originally going to feature the blocks between Barton and Sidney streets, but then I realized there were no houses facing Thirteenth Street between Victor and Sidney (that section was blasted through later). I’ve actually looked at this section of street before, but it was when my camera was dying and I thought it was worthwhile to revisit it.

Heading south looking at the east side of the street, there is this really nice pyramid-roofed Italianate house, and then it is followed by a Greek Revival house and a Second Empire duplex.

There is a also a single family Second Empire house just to the south.

Then there’s this magnificent duplex with projecting bays right after that.

On the corner is a store, which is relatively rare in this part of the neighborhood.

Turning around, we head back north looking at the west side of the street at houses we’ve viewed before, such as this amazing house that showing the gradual transition away from the Second Empire to the Romanesque Revival.

We also see more of the inventive side of the Second Empire with this cupola on this house.

There looks to be some renovation going on this house that had already been rehabbed.

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