Twelfth Street Between Sidney and Victor Streets

Starting up at the top of Twelfth Street at Sidney on the east side, we have a church that has been known by many names over the years. What is now very well done side was probably original cedar shingles, in what was known as the Shingle Style. Here’s an example of a church in that style with shingles intact.

But like I said, shingles are expensive, and the way it’s currently rehabbed looks good. It’s an interesting church, and there are few of this style in the city.

What is also interesting is that two or four-family was attached to it at some point. I doubt it was originally part of the church complex, based off fire insurance maps.

Heading past them to the north, there is a whole row of stunning Second Empire four-family flats, with the first two looking like they were built in a pair, and then there is a triplet of the same style. Some had balconies out the front originally, but note that they are in that transitional stage where millwork was replaced with ornamental brickwork, like is common in Benton Park West.

Then comes this one two-family at the end, right before Victor Street.

Going back to the start, and heading back north looking at the west side of the street, we have some amazing houses, such as this Italianate manse below.


After that are more Second Empire multi-families, all of which are in good shape.

This building below must have replaced an earlier structure, as it is much later in style.

Then at the corner with Victor, we have this amazing dormered-Mansard roof storefront.

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  1. SurlyJo says:

    I lived in one of those four-family buildings when I first moved to St. Louis in the early 90’s (the one with the pink and purple paint). I was awakened one night when two men were attempting to steal the marble front steps and porch. The landlord came out with a shotgun. Good times!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Wow, that was brazen! And so many safer places to steal marble steps in St. Louis?

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