Union Illinois Traction Railroad Depot

I’ve written before about the Illinois Terminal or Traction Railroad, which was an electric-powered line that snaked its way around the the Midwest, with St. Louis being a major hub from its underground station at the northeast corner of Washington and Tucker. I featured the well-preserved and occupied station at Mackinaw, Illinois back in September of 2011.

It turns out to the south, a couple of former stations, there is another depot at the hamlet of Union, and it is currently abandoned but not beyond saving just north of Lincoln, Illinois.

This photograph below show what apparently is one of the trains driving between stations in the country. It’s a little hard to see, but past the dark-colored locomotive there are numerous lighter-colored passenger cars.

Richard Moore, Illinois Terminal Railroad Inter-Urban Car, June 27, 1929, Missouri History Museum, N40684

This line was obviously for mainly passengers and not heavy freight, and this station and others reflect the lighter use.

It would be interesting to see what sort of use this old station could see in a new life.

It’s right by the intersection of two country roads but it’s hardly a busy interchange.

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