Urban Density Surviving on Grand Boulevard

While all those demolitions are going on down south, there are actually a fair number of really nice buildings still standing just to the north, particularly on the west side of Grand Boulevard. Justine Peterson has a presence in one building, nice rehabbed above.

There’s this spectacular Art-Deco storefront above, which is a rarity in this city.

The building above is actually completely in the shadow of St. Alphonsus Ligori, the Rock Church, but you can see how nicely it’s been renovated, too.

Beyond this vacant lot where you can see a church I’ve photographed before, we get to this magnificent house, which I never thought would see new life. It’s now been renovated, and has a beautiful garden around it.

Two more houses sit empty, but show potential. We lost several beautiful houses in this area almost a decade ago, and the historic housing stock is still in danger.

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