Wells-Goodfellow, Early Summer 2023, Part Two

Wow, things sure have changed north of the closed Gundlach School on Arlington Avenue. As part of Project Clear, MSD has been demolishing portions of the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood, replacing the cleared sites with retention basins. Looking at satellite images, it looks like this built several years ago, and MSD is reworking the basin. It’s a little surreal. I learned from a coworker whose family lived in the area that this area did indeed flood badly.

Moving north up Arlington Avenue past Ashland Avenue, there is nothing but abandonment. I have to admit that I am sort of desensitized to abandoned buildings at this point in my life, but this block really shocked me. It is just totally gone, shrouded in thick underbrush, indicative that it has been like this for a very long. It is all so very sad.

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  1. Stephen Slattery says:

    Some good size houses, several Dutch Colonials. I Liked the L shapes large 2 story farm house? I Imagine all the families, children raised. Now a ghost town….

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Possibly? I always assume there was some sort of agricultural or light industry out this way in the late Nineteenth Century.

  2. Beverly Snider says:

    Sad and scary

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