I finally made it up to the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood, where I found some fascinating streets and sadly a large amount of decay and desolation. I mainly photographed around Clara Street and St. Louis Avenue.

This mansard roofed house sits amongst the weeds of a largely intact street, awaiting either brick thieves or renovation. I am worried that renovation is far off in coming.

Update: Arlington School, pictured above, has been renovated as part of a major housing redevelopment. See it completed here, and see it under renovation here.

The vacate school is emblematic of the area; sitting largely out in the open, yet showing advanced stages of collapse in several areas of the building.

Nature has largely begun to take over this neighborhood, as illustrated by this forlorn apartment building.

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  1. That school is Arlington School, finally recovered from neglectful Chicago owners and slated for rehabilitation.

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