West Pine Boulevard Between Newstead and Boyle Avenues, South Side

The south side of West Pine Boulevard east of Newstead has a total different character, with two apartment buildings from the early Twentieth Century.

Then the houses to the east are clearly from the first decade or two of the 1900s. It is interesting that the north side of the street developed earlier, and then the south side was built up later.

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  1. SurlyJo says:

    I lived for a couple of years in the apartment building in the second photo. It had a beautifully intricate lobby, but they were all studio apartments. My favorite things were the pistachio green plumbing fixtures and penny-hex tile. The kitchen had a cupboard with a wooden ironing board – the kind with the sleeve presser!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      That’s so cool! I had a friend who lived in a building with a little grocery and milk door that went straight into her pantry from the hallway.

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