West Pine Boulevard Between Newstead and Boyle Avenues, North Side

Heading east from Newstead, looking at the north side of West Pine Boulevard, we come across what I think is easily one of the best kept secrets of preserved rows of Romanesque Revival houses in St. Louis.

But to stress the point, and can be seen in the house in the photos above and below, the style doesn’t have to have an abundance of round Roman arched windows, as is the stereotype. It is more of a feeling in these houses.

The next house down the line is the same way, with a rounded tower, and pink granite accents.

Next up is some very well done in-fill constructed by the Ronald McDonald House.

Then, there is a further iteration of the Romanesque Revival that perhaps shows the movement towards the Queen Anne Style.

The Arts and Crafts house below is clearly a later construction, where there was perhaps a fire or even a lot held on by a neighbor as an investment sold later.

Then there is this nice house with a conical turret at the end of the row.

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