West Pine Boulevard Between Newstead and Taylor Avenues, South Side

Heading west then from Newstead to Boyle Avenue on the south side of West Pine Boulevard, we see some more Romanesque Revival and related houses that survived later development.

I particularly liked the house below, with its massive rounded tower out front.

Then there’s this forgettable 1960s apartment building; I have a friend who lived there and she told me the walls were paper thin and she could hear everything her neighbors said in adjoining apartments.

Then we get to this Romanesque Revival stunner, which takes up several lots. I’ve photographed it before, a long, long time ago. There is a large tree missing in the front lawn. This seems to be the house of Major James Gay Butler and his wife Margaret.

Next is this huge apartment tower, which has as its most distinguishing feature its great height. I photographed it way back in December of 2008.

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