West Pine Boulevard Between Taylor and Newstead Avenues, North Side

Moving past the Hawthorne and Taylor Avenue, I realized that West Pine Boulevard has an amazing collection of preserved Romanesque Revival houses from the late Nineteenth Century. While there’s all sorts of development going on further west, and the stereotype of the Central West End is that it was built up after the World’s Fair, that is not true. It has many amazing houses east of Forest Park from before that period.

Many of the houses are now actually offices for local non-profits.

There is a later house in more of a Beaux-Arts style that was built either on a vacant lot or where a house was demolished.

Massive Roman arches with pink granite from Iron County are hallmarks of the style.

The final two houses are actually linked together with a glass atrium.

Finally, there is a later Gothic Revival apartment named the Raphael. The famous Renaissance painter would be shocked to have such a building in such a style of architecture named after him.

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