Westminster Place Between North Newstead and Taylor Avenues, North Side

Moving along to the west past Taylor Avenue, we see more Renaissance and Beaux-Arts mansions mixed in with Romanesque Revival houses, which were rapidly going out of style by the time this street was being developed.

And garages have become normal, horse having gone obsolete for the wealthy.

The Romanesque Revival is more streamlined, and rusticated stone is gone, despite being more popular in the style in earlier decades.

I am suspicious of the top floor of the blue house on the right; I doubt that it is the original iteration.

There is even some in-fill on this block, which you can see on the left.

But for the most part, lavish, heavily decorated mansions dominate the streetscape.

And then there’s that abandoned convent–oh, can I tell you stories about that place. At one time it served a noble purpose, which I wrote about several years ago.

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