Woodland Cemetery, Quincy, Illinois

Woodland Cemetery is perched dramatically on the bluffs south of downtown Quincy on an untouched portion of the rocky valleys and gullies that once typified the area before human settlement.

There are dramatic views of the Mississippi River and the floodplains of Northeast Missouri beyond.

There are not many mausolea, but there are a few, mostly built into the side of the hills.

The individual enclosed lots with low stone walls remind me of Alton Cemetery to the south.

This must be a memorial to Civil War soldiers below.

But the standout is the gigantic Timothy and Dorothy Rogers Mausoleum, finished in 1876 at a staggering cost of $20,000, providing room for 112 bodies. There’s 120 tons of white Vermont marble, and 112,000 bricks in this monumental mausoleum, which I would describe as Renaissance Revival in design, which is a rarity. The motifs are more in character with something I would have seen built in the late Fifteenth Century, with some Nineteenth Century eccentricities, of course. It was designed by J.R. Bunting of Indianapolis for the founder of the wagon company. And yes, that is supposedly Timothy Rogers’s face at the very top of the pinnacle.

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