4500 Block of Ashland Avenue, The Greater Ville

Heading further west, the terrain continues down into a valley, and the houses change, as well.

First up is a house that I would expect to see in Benton Park or Hyde Park, and was certainly out in the middle of nowhere when it was first built. I like the porch that was added on later.

The most noticeable change is the appearance of these little one story bungalows, each one with its own distinct style despite being small.

I love the little detail below of the stained glass window in the dormer; we can tell that it is a false half story, and probably has no way of being seen from the inside.

Sadly, abandonment is creeping in, even with such a beautiful house such as the one below. It looks like the front porch was replaced at some point.

And then, there is a small pocket of Modern bungalows, which if this neighborhood’s trend continues, might very well have been part of a quarry operation or always open space before these were built around or after World War II.

The same builder then jumped over Ashland and did some more of the small bungalows on the north side of the street.

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