Discovering Shaw, 11: Castleman Avenue Between Tower Grove Avenue and Klemm Street, North Side

Before heading east on Castleman Avenue from Tower Grove Avenue, we see an apartment building that bends around the intersection. There is a substantial setback from the street, befitting the suburban feel of the original platting of the area.

Once onto Castleman Avenue, we see that the neighborhood is dramatically different from one end to the other. There are small but proud houses, not as massive as the mansions just west of Grand, but they are also still full of great architectural details and beautiful red brick and terracotta accents.

But then there is this Second Empire two-family house mixed in; it is certainly much older by maybe twenty years than the rest of the houses on the street.

Then there are these two large houses, built in the early Twentieth Century, again more similar to something I would expect in the West End than in much of South St. Louis.

More traditional houses built in large tracts around Tower Grove Park in the first years of the Twentieth Century come next; they are again examples of the “four up, four down,” with slight variations in ornament and fenestration.

Then, below, there is a house I would expect to see in Dutchtown, but here it is, just a couple hundred feet from the Botanical Garden.

Continuing east, there is more of the mix of single family houses right next door to four-family flat apartment buildings.

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