Discovering Shaw, 12: Castleman Avenue Between Tower Grove Avenue and Klemm Street, South Side

The south side of Castleman Avenue east of Tower Grove Avenue towards Klemm has wider lots compared to the north side, and a much different feel. Above, there has been some major reworking of the brickwork, most likely due to spalling or water damage, to the pediment of the front of that apartment building.

There are many more three story houses, and not just a half story, but a full third with a large amount of living space.

It is also interesting to see how two houses that were clearly built at the same time diverge over the last century to have lives of their own in terms of renovation or repair.

Then there’s this amazing house below, which again would be the type of house I would expect to see in a neighborhood such as the West End, along a street such as Cabanne Avenue or Clemens Avenue. These large suburban-style houses were built far out away from the central city and were the homes of the upper echelons of society. The owner of this house was H.L. Hearsum, and what I can gather is that he was in the financial industry in St. Louis back in the first two decades of the Twentieth Century.

But he easily lived next door to smaller houses that features two-family apartments.

Then there is an example of those massive four-family apartment buildings in the Romanesque Revival style, which surely feature spacious layouts for middle class families. We saw ones similar to this on Russell Boulevard (fourth photo).

Then there are these two houses, which I fail to be able to describe architecturally; they are Greek Revival in a way, but they also do not date from the normal period of that style–the early Nineteenth Century–and their massing is very bulky. The one on the left surely once featured a pediment, and the one on the right clearly possessed a front porch roof.

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