Dutchtown: Good and Bad

There are a lot of beautiful houses in Dutchtown, such as the well-kept one above. Below, I low this little detail of what was once a storefront, but apparently they also included an arched doorway through the front. I’m not sure about the story behind it.

Update: Oops! The house below is actually in Gravois Park. Also, note how this house was almost certainly originally a half-flounder that later received an Italianate front.

This Italianate house also is amazing on Chippewa; it just keep going out the back. I wonder if this was a smaller building that was built out over the years after it became an apartment building.

All is not well in Dutchtown, as this building attests. It looks like it’s in an advanced state of collapse on the upper floors.

Likewise, this sturdy rowhouse is now boarded up, despite being well-built. It looks like something you might see in Hyde Park or St. Louis Place. I hope these abandoned buildings aren’t harbingers for the future.

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  1. The home in your first picture started out life as a convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph, who taught at St. Thomas of Aquin grade school across the street from it.

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