Geyer Avenue Between Missouri Avenue and Eighteenth Street, North Side

Geyer Avenue through McKinley Heights is an interesting street, as it was platted early, but as the subdivisions on the south side of Lafayette Square were built, it found itself getting turned into the backside of that more prominent neighborhood. I’ve looked at the neighbors of the house above before, facing Missouri Avenue, but I’ve never looked at its south side, and it’s obvious now that the back was added on. Surprisingly, despite being so close to thriving neighborhoods, there are still abandoned houses on this street. The house below is very old, probably from the 1870s or earlier.

Moving along, and what I like about the neighborhood, is the wide housing stock.

Most of the houses are rehabbed and in great shape, like most of the neighborhood.

Behind here is the south portion of Waverly Place, which was cut off from Lafayette Square by the demolition for and construction of Interstate 44.

There is an abundance of Second Empire houses of various sizes.

Then there is this interesting house. It is probably from the 1880s, but it has been heavily altered; I suspect it was in rough condition and the rehab removed a lot of what had been original woodwork on the windows, etc. I would like to know the story behind it.

Then there are these two old houses, with the one on the right probably being from the 1860s, and the one on the left not far behind. I suspect they have been combined together into a single house.

Eventually, after this house, the interstate destroyed everything for the overly large interchange for the now-canceled MO-755.

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