Salisbury Street Between North Twenty-Fifth Street and North Florissant Avenue, North Side

Salisbury Street in Hyde Park was already a major street, running along the south side of the eponymous park back in 1876, but there’s even more traffic nowadays because it connects the McKinley Bridge to the busy arteries of North Jefferson and Natural Bridge avenues. (Note that you can see Irving School to the northwest.)

We start at the intersection of N. 25th Street and head east, seeing some of the well-done renovations that have been occurring along with new construction in the neighborhood over the last two decades.

While I’ve photographed the houses below before, they’re just such great examples of the early Italianate style in St. Louis from right after the Civil War that I love revisiting them, particularly the first one.

In particular, I like how this house is designed for a large lot and is not a row house, so its builder was clearly one of the wealthy resident of what was once the independent town of Bremen.

Right next door then is this four family from the early Twentieth Century, as Salisbury became a less desirable street.

Then there is one more wonderful Italianate two-family, before we get to the site of the former Bethlehem Lutheran, which was torn down in 2014.

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