Just One Street in Soulard

Update: I went back in December of 2018 and this row of houses is still just as beautiful.

I was driving south down I-55, about to exit at Arsenal Street, when I looked to my left and saw some of the best Second Empire and Italianate houses in the city up on the hill above the interstate.  I circled around and photographed each of them, and it slowly dawned on me that sadly, there had probably once been just as beautiful of houses on the east side of the street. They’re gone now, swept away by the interstate.

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    IMAGINE what those would sell for in NYC, Philly, or D.C.!
    Thanks, Chris!

    1. Jenn, South City says:

      According to Realtor.com, approximately one arm and two legs. 😉

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