Marine Villa, June 2018

I find the Marine Villa neighborhood to be an interesting mix of architecture, largely because of its rural setting for much of its early history around the hospital for former mariners. It has some nice half flounders, such as the one above, and more typical Second Empire buildings like the one below.

The fascinating early vernacular house below, which I looked at before, is still waiting for a new owner to renovate it. It predates the creation of the alleys that are behind most houses in the city.

But then there are Modern anomalies such as the workshop below.

And there’s this grand turreted house on the corner.

Along Broadway, there are many extremely old buildings that lined the main thoroughfare between Carondelet and downtown, and this storefront below has had its front bricked up.

But this cool little Modernist storefront sits next door.

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  1. Paul carollo says:

    Gotta dig that turreted house! I go past it often. It has desirable curved glass windows and a cool back porch. I wonder who built it?

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