“New” St. Augustine’s, Minerva and Hamilton Avenues

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 101

Update: I went by the church again in July of 2023.

St. Barbara’s, opened in 1893, and closed in 1992, just one year shy of its one-hundredth anniversary, was reborn as St. Augustine’s, as the name was no longer being used for the older parish in St. Louis Place.

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 102

Another beautiful example of a German Gothic-style Hallkirche, the church must have been practically out in the middle of nowhere in the 1890s. Perhaps it was more settled out this way back then than I realize.

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 103

The parish is alive and well, having recently completed a renovation project that has fixed deteriorating masonry. It looks like they could still use your help to fix some missing shingles on the roof.

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 104

The million dollar question for me is whether the spire, already so lofty, was ever completed. Was it torn down, to that point, like St. Liborius, or was it never completed like Immaculate Conception?

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 105

The spire reminds me of the St. Martin’s Church in Landshut, Germany.

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 106

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 108

Sadly, what was almost certainly part of the church grounds is now abandoned. Perhaps it is the old convent for the sisters who taught at the school.

Hamilton Heights and Falstaff 10 109

St. Barbara

St. Rose of Lima and St. Edward’s were other North Side parishes closed in the consolidation and creation of this new St. Augustine’s parish in 1992.

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  1. Rolena says:

    I wish it had a candle light visual for those of us who lost our love ones

  2. Owen Dabek says:

    Couldn’t find info about when it was take off, but here’s a link to what the spire looked like in 1950 .


    1. cnaffziger says:

      Interesting, it reminds me of the spire of Frankfurt, Germany’s main church.

  3. Veronica C. O'Brien says:

    I spent some of the best years of my life at St. Barbara. I attended the school until it closed.
    Veronica O’Brien (Edwards)

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