Mystery Houses

Update: Identified as 4370 Cook Avenue in the greater Lewis Place neighborhood. Sadly, the building on the far right, Gospel Lighthouse Church of God, collapsed due to structural problems in the afternoon of August 26, 2020. I have no idea where this is. I lost track of the location, and when I tried Googling the…

In Between Delmar and Page Avenue, Revisited

Update: Here are some more photos from this area in 2019. I returned to that area just north of the Central West End near Lewis Place, and checked in on some of the houses that I had photographed before. The apartment building below has continued to deteriorate, though the collapsed front porch has been cleaned…

Salem Methodist Episcopal Church

This church, now known as Christ Temple Cathedral Church, was just one stop on the westward journey of the congregation now known as Salem United Methodist Church. This church dates from 1905, cost $50,000, and they stayed here until 1925, when they moved west to Kingshighway and Cote Brilliante. As readers can see, the exposes…

Old St. Ann Mother of God Roman Catholic Church

Interesting, my gut told me this was a Presbyterian church originally, but it was in fact Roman Catholic. It sits at the corner of Page and Whittier. It opened in 1897 and closed in 1992. It once possessed a pyramid hip roof on the tower. I believe the name of St. Ann has moved to…

Disheartening Sight, Late July 2016

This house is still standing, but I wonder for how much longer. The street closure has to do with infrastructure improvement, not the risk of eminent collapse of the house.

Halted Development

Update: More work had been completed by the spring of 2019. I saw this building under renovation a couple of months ago while checking out the Lewis Place neighborhood. Unfortunately, nothing has happened in several months. It’s a shame since it sits on a major street, right up on the sidewalk, but apparently its redevelopment has…

Lewis Place Gate, Revisited Again

Based off of classical architecture, the Lewis Place gates show the influence of Roman triumphal arches such as the Arch of Titus.

Delmar Boulevard and Environs in Lewis Place

Delmar is a traffic sewer, whose current design only encourages speeding and further separation of the city into north and south. Pedestrians have always made great cities great.

Enright Avenue in Between Newstead and Taylor Avenues

This is an intriguing block of the Lewis Place neighborhood. It’s in relatively good shape, and by all means should command prices equal to that in the Central West End (a major leagues pitcher’s throw away from here), but yet, there’s that street, Delmar, in between. Those funky rounded porches look to be original.