The Greater Ville, Revisited, Summer 2019

I went back to the Greater Ville in July to see how the neighborhood was faring since I had walked its streets back in the winter of this year. I knew that violence had flared up, and that the area was continuing to face many hardships, and the City was in the process of demolishing abandoned buildings throughout the Greater Ville.

Ashland Avenue, which I looked at over the course of several posts (seen in four posts: 4200, 4400, 4500 and 4600 blocks), continues to see massive abandonment and neglect, with many yards out of control.

But many homeowners are tenaciously holding on, and it must be incredibly frustrating to see neglected houses next door to their own

The old house I featured before below is still standing, but the burnout across the street was demolished this spring in a round of teardowns by the City.

There was extensive demolition of abandoned and deteriorating houses in September of 2019, particularly on the west side of the street, but also a few on the east side.

If you wondered what Vine Grove Avenue looks like in the summer, when all the vegetation has grown up, now you know, as you can see in the pictures below (I looked at the street in two posts last winter, here and here).

The roof of the house on the left below has collapsed from just this winter. There does not seem to be any signs of fire, so I do not know why it has suffered such a severe structural failure.

Moving along from Vine Grove, I discovered some new buildings, including the super rare wood frame Italianate house on the left below, which is abandoned and shorn of its cornice.

The house next to it on the right, however, it is in good shape, and could easily be occupied. But I think it is abandoned, judging from the way the weeds are overtaking it from the left.

North Sarah Street looks much the same as it did in the winter, but with more vegetation. I would imagine that demolition will be occurring on these blocks soon.

Then, one of the buildings recently demolished by the City comes into view. But there are dozens of trashed and abandoned buildings just like the one that was just torn down within a couple hundred feet of that one.

And then, this magnificent apartment building comes appears, showing the potential of the past, present and the future if we are willing to invest in it. I am worried it is abandoned, though; how could there not be a single car parked anywhere near it (there is no parking lot, but still, someone would park on the street anyway) on a Saturday morning and it be occupied?

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