Coming Soon: Nothing! North 13th Street

I’d heard about the impending doom of this building for years, and it’s finally happening now. I realized I never quite captured it very well, but you can see its front façade in this post from June of 2019 (last photo).

I’ve long been worried about this end of Old North; this weed-choked lot, I believe, is where the Brecht Butcher Supply Buildings once stood, lost way back in 2007. This building is owned by Paul McKee, if it wasn’t already obvious. Another warehouse owned by him went up in flames nearby in November of 2021.

This building had a rich history, once containing the Scarritt Railroad Furniture Company in the late Nineteenth Century, and then later in the early Twentieth containing a shirt company.

It will now become a vacant lot to the north of the long-suffering former Cass Bank and Greyhound bus terminal, another rotting McKee property, and the Crown Food Mart which is often the site of various odd events.

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  1. ben says:

    It’s amazing what we destroyed for interstate highways, parking lots, traffic flow, and urban renewal/negro removal.

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