Sidney Street Between McNair and Missouri Avenues

Heading west from McNair Street looking at the south side of the street, we first see a corner store front, and then a group of houses in a variety of styles.

I’m intrigued by the wing in the back in the photo below; I do not know which house it belongs to, but it shows how close houses are built to each other in this neighborhood.

Next comes a half-flounder, sitting further back on its lot, as is common.

It still possesses its outside staircase, which very well might have been the only means of access to the second floor originally.

Then there’s a row of Italianate houses in the shade.

Turning around at Missouri Avenue, which is a T-intersection and was originally known as Sterling Street, we head back east, looking at the Second Empire houses next.

This one is really spectacular, and as you can see, once was a boarding house, judging from the old fire escape on the east side of the building.

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