Sidney Street Between Missouri and Gravois Avenues

The rest of Sidney Street before we reach the intersection of Gravois and South Jefferson is an interesting mix of well-preserved buildings. West of Indiana Avenue, former Adele Street, is mostly parking lots, so we won’t dwell much down there. As can be seen in the photo below, it didn’t use to be that bad.

Susan Mattison, Jefferson Ave. down Sidney St., looking west, 1977, Benton Park District Slide Collection, St. Louis Public Library, 110.

We’ll go ahead and start at Missouri Avenue, former Sterling Street, and head west looking at the south side of the street.

There’s a nice Second Empire house after the corner buildings.

But next is the beautiful former parochial school for St. Agnes, which is several blocks to the east down Sidney Street. It has been renovated into apartments.

Designed in a restrained Romanesque Revival, it shows how the style could be adapted from churches and houses into a educational uses.

Large arches for the front portal is a hallmark of the style.

The copper cross is still intact on the roof of the building.

Crossing over, there is one house left in a sea of parking lots on the north side of the street as we begin to head east.

Then there is another nice Italianate style house sitting in a large lot, probably once filled with other houses.

Then there is this incredibly unique and rare Italianate four-family, which I have probably never seen before in St. Louis. It has had some extensive relaying of brick on the front upper right of the faade, but otherwise it seems to be in good condition.

Then there is your standard mix of Second Empire houses.

Finally, back at the T-intersection with Missouri, we see this fantastic Romanesque Revival church that was once the Olive Branch Congregational Church. I am not sure if it is open, but it is still owned by an LLC of the same name. Another church, in the Shaw neighborhood, states that this congregation joined them in 2007.

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