Sidney Street Between Salena Street and McNair Avenue

Heading west on Sidney Street looking at the south side, we continue to see more of those “transitional” buildings where the Second Empire is slowly changing over to the Romanesque in the 1880s and 1890s.

As can be seen in the details of what is now the famed restaurant Sidney Street Caf, the ornament has switched from wood from planing mills to cast iron and terracotta. I photographed it way back in 2010.

This six-family next door is also of visual interest, with an emphasis on the pressed tin ornament that is more common in the early Twentieth Century.

I believe the house below may have had its roofline and cornice altered, but I’m not sure.

Then there’s more of the traditional Second Empire four-family flats that fill the South Side around South Jefferson Avenue.

Then there’s this amazing row of Greek Revival houses.

These three look to have been built separately from their neighbors, and one or two seem to have their original balconies.

We turn around at McNair Street, which also doglegs at Sidney, and head east, starting first with the house that used to be the convent for St. Agnes.

There’s a wide variety of housing stock, such as this Italianate house below.

Just look at the variety below to see why Benton Park is such a beautiful neighborhood.

I’ve looked at some of these houses years ago, which you can see here.

Perhaps what is most interesting is the number of Second Empire houses with small turrets and other accoutrements along their rooflines or their dormers.

This house below once obviously had a balcony at one time, but look at that turret.

Finally, before we reach the corner with Salena, former Union Street, we see this little Modernist in-fill house. Looking at old fire insurance maps, there seemed to have never been house on the lot below, but was merely a large side yard of the house to left.

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