North Broadway, Near and Far North Riverfront, Summer 2019

North Broadway never ceases to fascinate me. As usual, I refer to it as a street, and also an area. For example, the above and following two photos are on or around Holly Avenue. The image of east of Broadway, if you have one, is usually one of warehouses, factories, or sadly, abandonment. It is…

Updates on Demolitions, Fires and Other Collapses

There is much to report on this spring, starting with a collapse of an out building on Utah Street in Benton Park. It can still be salvaged, though. Below, as I suspected would happen, another of the houses sitting on the old quarry, whose porch had collapsed in the last six months, has been demolished…

Old Cass Avenue Bank

I can’t believe there were no plans for the former Greyhound bus terminal when the new combination bus and railroad station opened down on Clark Street. The former Cass Avenue Bank was just left to rot, broken into and increasingly dilapidated. Another location is in similar peril, further west on Cass.

Northside Wall, Former Pruit-Igoe Site

Update: The walls were blown over by strong winds on December 27, 2018. It has now been replaced by another wall made of insulation, and after the building permits for the first hospital expired, the Board of Aldermen approved similar tax incentives. They’re supposed to be building a three-bed urgent care hospital on the newly…

Patchwork, Near North Side

This building is awesome. It shows the history of itself right on the front elevatin. At some point, somebody didn’t like the fenestration ,and changed it. The doors were replaced later, as well.

The Near North Side in the Snow

It never ceases to amaze me when I see the beautiful Nineteenth Century houses northwest of downtown. They should be competitive, being so close to jobs and possessing the same architecture as Lafayette Square, but the neighborhood struggles to attract investment.

Updates Up North

More of the front portal of St. Augustine’s church has fallen down, dashed on the steps. Or possibly, the monogram roundel has been stolen, as I do not see its rubble below. See this earlier post (second photo) to understand what is now missing. And meanwhile, the absurdity of the Northside TIF continues, as the…

Near North Side Up to JeffVanderLou

The famous blue house seems to be abandoned, unfortunately, much like the house below. The abandoned houses in the footprint of the Northside TIF are still wasting away, as well. Update: The houses above were damaged by a fire set to destroy a stolen car dumped in front of them in August of 2018. By…

Old Bus Terminal Sitting Vacant and Trashed

Leave it to St. Louis to not think of anything to use the old bus terminal, formerly Cass Bank, before it was destroyed by vandals. Planning ahead is not a strong suit of City leadership.