Revisiting Carondelet: Virginia Avenue Between Haven Street and Loughborough Avenue

Heading one block west over to Virginia Avenue (Compton Avenue gets squeezed out down in Carondelet), we now head south from Haven down to Loughborough, first on the west side.

The street is far more quiet than Michigan Avenue, and narrower. But there are some real great surprises, such as the two houses below.

Similar to one of my favorite houses in the Second Empire style in Benton Park(third photo from the bottom), the house below has an elaborate Mansard roof.

This house’s interpretation of the Romanesque Revival is also interesting.

There are also more traditional Second Empire houses, though this one has a huge dormer in the middle of its Mansard roof.

Finally, there’s this tan brick corner storefront on the northeast corner of Virginia and Loughborough.

Starting then with the east side of Virginia Avenue, there are more houses with Second Empire but also Italianate influences, and even Queen Anne accoutrements.

But there’s also this wonderful rare Italianate gable roofed house, which is in good shape.

There are also some nice Romanesque Revival apartment buildings, though the first one is shorn of its original cornice.

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  1. W. White says:

    Your statement should read, “But theres also this wonderful rare Italianate gable roofed house, which has been ruined.” I realize that, after seeing so much abandonment and disinvestment, you count just about any level of preservation as a victory, but you have to admit that that Italianate house, excepting the gable eave, has as much Italianate styling as a cheap, suburban tract house. It is an example of what not to do.

    Also, you should enjoy a couple of interesting frame houses on Virginia between Loughborough and Quincy.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      It is still technically an Italianate house, even if it is not as stylish as Tower Grove House.

      Stay tuned, more Virginia Avenue on the way!

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